Pubdate: Sat, 22 Aug 2009
Source: North County Times (Escondido, CA)
Copyright: 2009 North County Times
Author: Gerald Reaster


Judging by his Community Forum on medical marijuana  outlets 
("Marijuana outlets have risks for Escondido,"  Aug. 13), Escondido 
Councilman Dick Daniels is another  elitist politician who pursues 
his own personal agenda,  despite the will of the people, while using 
taxpayer  money to do it.

I would have no problem with Daniels using his own  money to pursue 
his agenda, but to use taxpayers' money  is a crime. His "dislike" of 
medical marijuana outlets  is in direct opposition to the will of the 
people.  Fifty-six percent of California voters support  legalizing 
and taxing marijuana.

Medical marijuana outlets are a way to allow  law-abiding citizens to 
get medicine they need without  dealing with the "criminal element" 
in society. He  cites "the greater public good." Doesn't he realize 
he is making criminals out of law-abiding citizens trying  to get medicine?

Certainly rules and regulations are needed for medical  marijuana 
outlets, but to espouse doing away with them  is going against the 
people's will. If he thinks  marijuana is a dangerous drug, what does 
he think  alcohol is?

Tired of corruption in government, want an end to  misuse of public 
funds, elected officials who ignore  your wishes? Use the power 
voters have ... !

Gerald Reaster

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