Pubdate: Wed, 16 Sep 2009
Source: Wall Street Journal (US)
Copyright: 2009 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
Author: Hadley Robinson


I am thankful for Mary Anastasia O'Grady's "Mexico's Hopeless Drug
War" (Americas, Sept. 14). She should receive kudos, at least for
beginning to expose the real problem: Americans who have the cash to
buy dope.

What is wrong with the U.S.? Why are these drugs illegal here but
tolerated by all levels of society? What "recession?" Why isn't there
any shame among Americans for the chaos they are causing everywhere in
the world, especially to Mexico and points south?

There is no "drug war." It is a business. The power of the U.S.
government grows and grows as a feckless Congress spends more on the
war on drugs; but the drug lords get richer, Americans get their dope,
and a whole country (Mexico) goes down the drain.

Meanwhile, decent citizens of both nations are held hostage by the
whole business. Either Americans should take a hint from the Dominican
Republic's draconian drug laws, or legalize the stuff. Where is the
American press?

Meanwhile, more and more federal officials here in El Paso (the city
across the river from Ciudad JuA rez, Mexico) face increasing
temptation to take massive bribes. The U.S. is following Mexico in
becoming lawless.

Hadley Robinson

El Paso, Texas
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