Pubdate: Sun, 11 Oct 2009
Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)
Page: A34, Sunday Opinion
Copyright: 2009 Los Angeles Times
Author: Gordon Wilson


Re "Vaccines to combat drug addiction show promise," Oct. 6

How nice to know that vaccines are being perfected to help cocaine 
and nicotine addicts kick their habits. As long as a person wishes to 
overcome any addiction - whether "legal" or "illegal"- I'm all for 
any medicine that will help him or her.

I am wondering how long it will be, however, before a vaccine is 
discovered to help drug warriors overcome their nasty and expensive 
habit of incarcerating a huge segment of our population for often 
harmless and sometimes actually beneficial drugs that they have oddly 
enough chosen to criminalize?

Gordon Wilson

Laguna Niguel 
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