Pubdate: Wed, 7 Oct 2009
Source: Miramichi Leader (CN NK)
Copyright: 2009 Brunswick News Inc.
Author: Russell Barth


Here is how things work in real life: We send emails, letters, and
phone calls to MP's offices. Their secretaries record it all, and at
the end of each day (or week, depending), the MP might get an overview
sheet that says something like "100 calls for this Marc Emery issue,
200 emails..." and so on. The MP might give it a cursory glance, at
best, then get on with other business.

It would also be safe to assume that all of these emails and phone
calls from disgruntled pot-and-sovereignty lovers is actually making
Nicholson and his cronies even more chuffed about his actions.

Nothing makes a Tory happier than news that his actions are making his
enemies suffer. Our anguish sustains them.

Harper is the decider, and Nicholson has no power. Harper did this,
Nicholson is his puppet, as are all sitting Tory MPs. The best method
in this case is to lean on your own MP, and the media, and get them to
demand actual answers from these so-called public servants.

Russell Barth, Federally Licensed Medical Marijuana User

Patients Against Ignorance and Discrimination on Cannabis (PAIDOC)
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