Pubdate: Fri, 23 Oct 2009
Source: North Shore News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2009 North Shore News
Author: Kirk Tousaw


Dear Editor:

Regarding Wallace G. Craig's Oct. 14 column The Undermining of Sacrifice:

Mr. Craig apparently knows much about Canadian history and little
about what the sacrifices of those we remember on Nov. 11 were for.
Mr. Craig seems to think that freedom is only for people whose
behaviours he agrees with. The rest are, apparently, deviants who
should be subjected to the harshest deprivations of freedom our
society allows.

I have news for him. Freedom is not a commodity to be doled out only
to those whom we approve of.

People like Mr. Craig support a system, drug prohibition, that causes
violence, disease, death and social decay. A system that is the very
antithesis of the freedom that he claims to respect.

Mr. Craig is a hypocrite and should be deeply ashamed of his attempt
to conflate respect for our veterans with his oppressive and myopic

Kirk Tousaw, executive director

Beyond Prohibition Foundation
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