Pubdate: Sat, 31 Oct 2009
Source: Rockford Register Star (IL)
Copyright: 2009 GateHouse Media, Inc.
Author: Richard Leonard


In light of the ending of federal prosecution for medical marijuana
users and growers, the governor of Illinois could and should legalize
the use of medical marijuana.

Not only would that allow use of the plant by people who need it for
pain relief, but it would also answer the need for revenue for the

Gov. Quinn and state lawmakers could use the taxes collected from
growers and users to help eliminate the deficit. It would be the same
as when liquor was made legal in the 1920s, which helped the whole
country heal from the Depression.

Legalize the use of marijuana for medical reasons, implement a tax
base for its use, and the state would not have to add a dollar tax on
each pack of cigarettes.

Thirteen states have already done this, and it's time Illinois gets
its fair share of the money.

If marijuana were legalized, then the wasted resources by law
enforcement agencies could be better used to fight the real drug
problem -- heroin and crack cocaine abuse.

Richard Leonard, Rockford
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