Pubdate: Mon, 02 Nov 2009
Source: Gazette, The (Colorado Springs, CO)
Copyright: 2009 The Gazette
Author: John Murphy


Our daughter, Molly, was born with cerebral palsy and  has always 
been in a wheelchair. Now 37, she has been  having a hard time trying 
to be able to remain in her  wheelchair. Her muscle spasms have 
caused her hip to  dislocate and it is painful to sit.

She has had three operations in the past six weeks and  is on Vicodin 
and Valium, indefinitely. Both drugs are  physically addictive, their 
affect is lessened with  use, and both have drastic withdrawal 
complications.  Her doctor says pot is far better for both its pain 
and  muscle relaxing properties as there is no down side. We  plan to 
get her certified as a medical marijuana  patient and make it legal 
for her to use this herb.

Last week's "reefer madness" production at the City  Council meeting 
was a blow to her and thousands like  her in this city ("Pot growers 
in the city's sights,"  The Gazette, Oct. 27).

I have supported 2C but feel like going to the other  side to keep 
code enforcement from taking it away from  her providers. I feel like 
selling our plot at  Evergreen Cemetery and moving elsewhere where 
city  leaders use their heads and retain their hearts at the  same 
time, and are not swayed by self-serving police  propagandists. Let's 
do something for her and others  who suffer due to the history of 
politicians telling  physicians how they can help their patients.

John Murphy

Colorado Springs
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