Pubdate: Mon, 01 Mar 2010
Source: Clarion, The (University of Denver, Edu)
Copyright: 2010 The Clarion
Author: Matt Cole


Dear Editor,

I am writing you regarding the Clarion's article, "Dispensary opens 
near campus."

I feel that Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are great and should 
continue to open all around the city.

To put it simply, these dispensaries open to make money and more 
importantly, to help people.

No one questions when a new bar or liquor store opens, and all they 
open for is to make money and get people drunk. It is not as if 
anyone can go into these stores and smoke pot, only 17,356 in Denver 
can go into these dispensaries.

All of those people go to these dispensaries to help ease the pain of 
their everyday lives.

As someone who strongly believes in natural remedies, I feel that the 
medical marijuana option should be a more recommended option for treatment.

America has become so dependent on taking lab made pills, a pill of 
this, a pill for that. Marijuana is a drug that has been scrutinized 
for decades, yet has so many positive effects.

People who have trouble sleeping or have severe pains take pills 
which they become addicted too and that have long lists of negative 
side effects.

Our society needs to look past all of the stigmatism towards 
marijuana and start making decisions based on hard evidence.


Matt Cole
DU Undergraduate Student