Pubdate: Wed, 27 Jan 2010
Source: Western Herald (Western MI U Edu)
Copyright: 2010 The Western Herald
Author: Skylar Van Dyke


In a September 2009 article found here:
  The Kalamazoo Gazette Staff writes:

"But WMU usually handles alcohol matters without  getting police
involved unless the incident gets out of  control," said Steve Palmer,
director of residence  life.

Campus staff typically contacts police to residence  halls for two
reasons -- drug use and violent or  dangerous behavior where someone's
well-being may be  jeopardized."

As a Western Michigan University student, it worries me  that the
administration encourages the use of a  potentially dangerous drug,
alcohol, by setting harsher  punishments for a much safer drug, marijuana.

Each and every year, drinking by college students  contributes to
1,400 student deaths, 500,000 injuries  and 70,000 sexual assaults or
date rapes. In contrast,  no one has ever died from marijuana. Ever.

By setting merciless unfair punishments for marijuana  while giving
out slaps-on-the-wrist for alcohol, the  university is essentially
coercing students to put  themselves at greater risk. If
administrators truly  have students' health and safety in mind, they
will  make sure that the penalties for marijuana are no  greater than
those for alcohol.

Western Michigan University SSDP supports the  administration to lower
marijuana possession penalties  to equal those for underage drinking.
The  administration would be wise to adopt this policy in  the
interest of students' safety. Students who wish to  get involved with
SSDP should come to our coalition  meetings in the Bernhard Center on
Tuesdays at 9:30  p.m.


Skylar Van Dyke

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