Pubdate: Thu, 28 Jan 2010
Source: Gamecock, The (SC Edu)
Copyright: 2010 The Board of Trustees of the University of South Carolina
Author: Amir Hamid Andalib
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Dear Editor,

In the Jan. 15 issue of The Daily Gamecock, the editorial "US demand
for pot funds drug cartels" tells the reader that because of
Americans' heavy use of marijuana, a war in Mexico is being fueled
like no other. The author talks about how there are large killings and
acts of evil going on in the name of drug profiteering.

After reading the editorial, I thought to myself about how mainstream
marijuana has become. There have been movies, songs and even magazines
dedicated to it, making it clear Americans have made a stand that they
believe marijuana should be something that is accessible to all free
Americans. So this brings me to my point. I disagree that these drug
wars are happening because Americans are buying marijuana. I believe
that if the U.S. Federal government were to legalize marijuana then
not only would they be able to tax it and make money, but at the same
time they would be able to completely end these terrible drug wars. I
will stand by that statement. If it is legalized, it would open up new
jobs for Americans in dispensaries, as well as create opportunities
for American farmers to begin growing a brand new crop to bring in
newfound revenue (which we all can agree is hard to come by these
days). Because of it being legalized, the Mexican drug cartels would
have nothing to fight over. Americans would make their own marijuana
or buy it from an actual company that supplies it to them. On the
topic of how hazardous it is to your health I would say that I would
rather smoke pot than drink alcohol. I would rather smoke pot than
smoke tobacco. I will stand by both of those statements.

For someone to come out and condemn someone for something like buying
something to promote a war is fear mongering. If we base arguments on
fear and guilt then are we no better than extremist Muslims who put
other families in danger just so that people will accept their ideals?
Not only is that anti-American, but it also dehumanizes and removes a
people's identities and source of individual thought. We can end a
war, make new jobs and create tax revenue for our government. Sadly,
people can't see through the lies they have been told. Just like when
the alcohol prohibition started, organized crime took over.

Eventually the people spoke up and stopped these terrible mobs by
doing what? Legalizing alcohol. If an American wants to do something
that is not hurting them or someone else then they should.

However, because of the ignorance that is bred from health classes
that lied to us to scare everyone away from marijuana, I refuse to
accept what is simply given to me. Is it right to keep saying
something's wrong? How long can someone deny this?


Amir Hamid Andalib
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