Pubdate: Wed, 03 Feb 2010
Source: Grand Forks Gazette (CN BC)
Copyright: 2010 Grand Forks Gazette
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Author: Lorraine Dick


I am writing this letter on behalf of those persons in Grand Forks, who
out of fear of legal reprisal or social stigma, cannot raise their hands
to be counted in favour of Councillor (Joy) Davies' Feb. 8, 2010,
presentation of a motion to send a resolution to the Association of
Kootenay Boundary Local Governments and to the Union of British Columbia
Municipalities to petition the B.C. government to assume licensing and
regulation of medical marijuana within the province ensuring ease of
patient access.

The resolution process is an integral part of democracy. It enables
citizens to send a message through their local government to other levels
of government to make change requests. Unfortunately, due to the
sensitivity surrounding this "motion for a resolution" regarding access to
medical marijuana, many are reluctant to speak up and so it rests on the
shoulders of a few of us to speak on their behalf.

We need to make it clear to city council that many Grand Forks residents
are in favour of council passing this resolution.

To express your approval of Councilor Davies' "motion for a resolution,"
please notify each of our city councilors and mayor with the following

"Councilor Members and Mr. Mayor, I may or may not be a recipient of the
benefits of medical marijuana but I am in favour of the motion and am
encouraging council to vote yes to Councilor Davies' 'motion for a
resolution' on Feb. 8, 2010."

To emphasize our support for those "who out of fear of legal reprisal or
social stigma cannot make their names known", please attend the council
meeting on Feb. 8, 2010.

On behalf of the "silent majority", I thank you very much.

Lorraine Dick

Grand Forks
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