Pubdate: Wed, 03 Feb 2010
Source: Naperville Sun (IL)
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Pubdate: Wed, 03 Feb 2010
Source: Naperville Sun (IL)
Author: Dr. David A. Camp, Ph.D.


I am a criminologist and professor of criminal justice. I have 
evaluated this topic (medical marijuana) considerably. One issue The 
Sun's article does not address: Cops may be against legalization -- 
not so much due to their being overwhelmed, but consider this -- what 
other crime does the law enforcement community make a profit from?

With drugs (including marijuana), the police can take possession of 
all monies and associated properties and use them or auction them for 
the benefit of the agency. In times of short money supply, why would 
they want to give up their only source for this? Of course that is a 
bad argument from a public perception point of view so a supporting 
argument like it causes us problems will hold more sway for 
supporters of maintaining illegality.

It seems this issue is more about money than rights health or 
liberties as guaranteed by the constitution.

Dr. David A. Camp, Ph.D.

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