Pubdate: Tue, 2 Feb 2010
Source: Alton Telegraph, The (IL)
Copyright: 2010 The Telegraph
Author: Dan Linn
Note: Title by MAP


Don Miller's column "Illinois is going to pot..." does a great job of
not voicing any opinion at all on the issue he writes about other than
the pun of a title. He does not go into much detail about the pending
Illinois legislation, Senate Bill 1381, and how it is different than
California's law or how the medical cannabis laws are operating in the
states other than California. He also mentions California's "original
proponents" as if everyone in California who voted for Prop. 215 now
regrets it, when that is simply not true, as evident in the popularity
of medical cannabis in California.

Plus, in response to Miller's suggestion that "proponents claim that
it is a very safe drug," I can only ask what info Miller has to
suggest otherwise of cannabis? Cannabis does not have a single
documented overdose fatality and its toxicity rating is practically

Surely Miller does not support arresting sick people who are following
their doctors' orders but his lack of either direct opposition to
medical cannabis in Illinois or support of it is unclear minus the
juvenile title.

Perhaps that is because the only thing left for opponents of medical
cannabis is the pot shot jokes and haze of foggy logic. Medical
cannabis patients are not criminals and Illinois needs to pass Senate
Bill 1381.

Dan Linn

Executive Director, Illinois Cannabis Patients Association

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MAP posted-by: Richard Lake