Pubdate: Sat, 11 Dec 2010
Source: Courier-Post (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Copyright: Frank Fulbrook


Re: "Christie refuses to ease pot rules" (C-P, Nov. 28).

Sometimes, politicians reveal more of the truth than they intended. 
In warning against the possibility that our state's medical marijuana 
law could lead to virtual legalization of marijuana, Gov. Chris 
Christie said: "I'm not doing it. I've seen too much in my previous 
career (as a U.S. attorney) of what can happen when drugs become that 

Unintentionally, Christie was admitting that our current national and 
state policy of drug prohibition for all ages is a failure. Illegal 
drugs have been prevalent since we adopted national drug prohibition in 1914.

This stupid policy is destroying Camden, Mexico and Afghanistan. The 
only way to save and revitalize all three places is to end drug 
prohibition and replace it with a regulated, taxed market for adults 
for all the illegal drugs, starting with marijuana.

Did alcohol prohibition get rid of alcoholic beverages? Of course 
not. So, why did we end prohibition in 1933? Because we realized that 
the underground economy of alcohol was worse than the alcohol itself. 
The same is true for all illegal drugs.

If drug crop cultivation, production and sales were legal, Mexico and 
Afghanistan could become peaceful, thriving countries. But, whenever 
their leaders mention drug legalization as a policy option, the U.S. 
government pressures them not to do it.

How come I'm still the only person in Camden calling for radical drug 
policy reform to revitalize the city? Is it OK to "think outside the 
box" here? Or is it too soon?


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