Pubdate: Mon, 13 Dec 2010
Source: Sun, The (Yuma, AZ)
Copyright: 2010 The Sun
Author: Betsy Trujillo


I understand how letter writer Red Chandler feels ("Some advantages to
legal marijuana," Dec. 8) , but it doesn't seem he understands how
someone feels that is in pain 24/7.

The reason for the passing of the medical marijuana law was for those
who need relief from being in constant pain.

There are those who cannot take pain pills due to allergies. There are
those who have a combination of different ailments that cause
different types of pains that cannot be controlled. Being always in
pain makes for a difficult life.

Smoking marijuana relieves that pain, and yes it will help with
revenue for the state. Better the state get the funds than a dealer
who would triple the price the minute they find out usage is for
medical reasons they.

Pain - pain that never goes away - makes people look for remedies that
are safe. Marijuana is safer than the pills that society would rather
you take. Pills are chemicals that destroy your life. They are no
different than the heroin and cocaine Chander mentions. In my opinion,
marijuana is a natural herb that provides relief without the
destruction that chemicals do.

All anyone in pain wants to do is live life like they used to. A
responsible individual limits their intake. Their love for life - not
only their life, but everyone's - doesn't allow them to act reckless,
as Chandler states. When someone is always in pain, they recognize the
precious gift of life. All they want is a little relief.

Marijuana does provide that relief. Good citizens don't want to go
against the law, but sometimes they are given no choice because of the
pain. The marijuana law helps ease the nagging thought of doing wrong.

I understand how Chandler feels, but please understand that medical
marijuana does provide relief for those citizens that have never
abused the law. Thank you for your understanding.

Betsy Trujillo

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