Pubdate: Tue, 21 Dec 2010
Source: Intelligencer, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2010 Marc Paquette
Author: Marc Paquette


Dear Editor;

Re: The taxman taxes her tokes, Dec 18, 2010.

I'm a legal medicinal marijuana user and produce my own medicinal
marijuana legally since March 2000.

Health Canada stipulates it charges HST in applicable jurisdictions
because dried marijuana is not an approved prescription drug under the
Food and Drug Act.

This statement is misleading, as doctors do prescribe a certain daily
dosage of marijuana when filling out the MMAR (Marihuana Medical
Access Regulations) forms.

Is it reasonable for our coldhearted 'feds' to charge 13 per cent of
HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) to legal and licensed medicinal 'marihuana'
(cannabis) users?

After all, this 'marihuana' was paid with OUR tax dollars, and
'Hellth' Canada makes a 1,500 per cent profit when selling many
sick and dying Canadians living with meager disability resources!

'Hellth' Canada still approved 'marihuana' as medicine when they
instigated their MMAD (Marihuana Medical Access Division) in June
1999, so these 'pusher' CROOKS have no excuse for charging taxes for
their low grade 'marihuana'.

In the last 10 years, I never needed to pay any taxes for the
medicinal cannabis (marihuana) I legally grew for myself.

Those who have a licensed medicinal cannabis (marihuana) designated
grower do not need to pay any HST either.

Shame on you 'Health' Canada!

Since 1999, with the way they have been treating sick and dying
Canadians requiring their 'legal' constitutional right to access
medicinal marijuana, some can realize that these people have nothing
to do with health and welfare -not for ALL Canadians anyway.

Without any doubt in my mind, all the problems are caused by marijuana

Marc Paquette

Hawkesbury, Ontario
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