Pubdate: Fri, 12 Feb 2010
Source: Capital Times, The  (WI)
Copyright: 2010 The Capital Times
Author: Gary Storck


Dear Editor: The grass-roots advocacy campaign for medical marijuana 
in Wisconsin has ignited a firestorm of interest in how state 
government works. Thousands and thousands of state residents are 
learning for the first time who represents them because of the 
popularity of this issue.

A recent ABC news poll found that nationwide, 81 percent of 
Americans, and 72 percent of Republicans, want medical marijuana legalized.

The question remains, however, will our Legislature listen to the 
will of the people? To their credit, many state lawmakers have 
already signaled they will vote for the Jacki Rickert Medical 
Marijuana Act. However, the lack of bipartisan support for a 
decidedly nonpartisan issue is sad.

In neighboring Minnesota, a bipartisan bill won legislative approval 
only to be vetoed by Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty. Here in Wisconsin, 
Gov. Jim Doyle has promised to sign a bill if it reaches his desk. 
Wisconsinites cannot let this historic time pass without our 
Legislature acting on behalf of Wisconsin's citizens. State lawmakers 
know how popular this issue is. They only need to look at their 
office constituent contact logs or recall all the personal 
conversations in support they've had with people of all backgrounds.

Medical marijuana affects us all. We must each work so this option is 
available if the unthinkable happens to a loved one, a friend or 
ourselves. If doctors are allowed to prescribe toxic medications and 
treatments with dangerous, even potentially lethal side effects, why 
can't they recommend a natural plant that has compounds which work by 
binding to receptors within our body's own endocannabinoid system? 
Please contact your lawmakers via the toll-free Legislative Hotline: 
800-362-9472 and ask them to support this bill.

Gary Storck

director of communications, Is My Medicine Legal YET?
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