Pubdate: Wed, 17 Feb 2010
Source: Northwest Herald (IL)
Copyright: 2010 Northwest Herald Newspapers
Author: Gary Christ


The United States of America needs a miracle to keep us from greater
economic and environmental disaster.

I propose President Obama use his executive powers to end hemp and
medical marijuana prohibition now.

Placing a $1-per-pound tax on hemp seed, American farmers, truckers,
manufacturers, etc., would stimulate employment nationally. The more
hemp grown, consumed and exported, the faster we climb out of debt.
America's debt burden could be carried by hemp, not man. And hemp is
excellent for the environment.

Only God could provide us with a seed that, when double-or
triple-cropped, multiplies its weight in biomass by the millions
annually. Do the math. Hemp can be used for practically everything,
including food, fuel and shelter. Haiti and Cambodia need help now.
Let's talk hemp.

llinois should become the next state to re-legalize marijuana
medicines. I defend my neighbors' God-given, constitutional right to
grow safe, medicinal plants. It's a matter of personal choice, freedom
and responsibility, like owning guns.

Please take wise, compassionate, patriotic and immediate action. Call
your state representative. Explaining why you would like hemp and
medical marijuana to be legal in Illinois positively will make a difference.

Gary Christ

Crystal Lake
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