Pubdate: Sat, 20 Mar 2010
Source: Star-News (Wilmington, NC)
Copyright: 2010 Wilmington Morning Star
Author: Lowell J. Carr


On your front page March 16 is your article regarding Amy Frink's 
convicted rapist, torturer and murderer being considered for the 
second time in two years for release from prison after just 12 years 
into his sentence of 30 years. His partner in this horrible crime was 
released on parole in 2008. Since the second man returned to society 
he has had no less than 23 infractions, but is still in the midst of 
our society.

Before this state's "mutual Agreement Parole Program" went into 
effect, these murderers would have been sentenced to life 
imprisonment. Further back into the 1950s they might have paid with 
their own lives. Now they walk free? My barber is currently serving a 
seven-year prison sentence, first offense, handed down a year ago, in 
Brunswick County, for possession of prescription drugs with intent to sell.

He had no record. What is wrong with our judicial system?

Lowell J. Carr, Southport
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