Pubdate: Tue, 23 Mar 2010
Source: Frederick News Post (MD)
Copyright: 2010 Randall Family, LLC.
Author: Mike Meno


Charlie Smith needs a reality check ("Prosecutor at odds with medical
marijuana," March 19). His opposition to Maryland's medical marijuana
bill flies in the face of all available scientific evidence and the
urging of scores of medical professionals, including the Maryland
Board of Pharmacy, Maryland Pharmacists Association, and Maryland
Nurses Association, who all endorse the bill. Smith is a
law-enforcement official -- not a doctor. He has no professional
qualifications to decide whether or not medical marijuana is a "proven
drug" for certain conditions, and he has no business broadcasting his
ignorance on the topic.

By saying he would not support medical marijuana without "doctors
saying that it has efficacy," Smith is being knowingly dishonest. He
knows doctors have said medical marijuana has efficacy, because this
week in Annapolis he testified against a substantial number of them
who said just that, including Del. Dan Morhaim, the bill's main
sponsor in the House. (Sen. David Brinkley of Frederick is the sponsor
in the Senate.)

It's also telling that none of the law enforcement officials Smith
says he "spoke" to bothered to testify against the bill. In reality,
the state police have taken a "neutral" position.

Perhaps Smith should as well.

Mike Meno

Marijuana Policy Project
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