Pubdate: Mon, 05 Apr 2010
Source: Morning Sentinel (Waterville, ME)
Copyright: 2010 MaineToday Media, Inc.
Author: Charles R. Philpot


While everyone else in the United States is worried  about health
costs, lawmakers in Maine seek profit at  every turn.

Through taxes and fees to distribute medicines they  increase the cost
to Maine residents. Recently, I read  in this paper that they plan to
set up distribution  centers for medical marijuana and, before they
will  ever open a door, each will have to pay the state  $15,000,
which will be passed on to consumers.

Drug stores are already distributing other medicines,  but the
lawmakers seem to treat this medicine as more  of a crime.

Their delaying actions are only to try and find ways to  make more
money from the sick; I can see no other  purpose.

Otherwise, the medicine would already be helping those  in pain and
discomfort of terrible diseases.

It's not the drug company adding these extra costs,  though I am sure
that they are in favor of the  lawmakers' actions.

The longer delayed, the more money they make.

The Maine voters have spoken; we want medicines at  reasonable prices
without delay, and we want them now.

I ask those elected and paid by the voters to carry out  our wishes
and not go off on their own agenda, not to  raise the cost of
medicines but lower them; not to  serve a political party, but to
honorably serve our  great state and her people by following our
directives  and not forcing us to serve theirs.

Charles R. Philpot

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