Pubdate: Wed, 28 Apr 2010
Source: Union, The (Grass Valley, CA)
Copyright: 2010 The Union
Author: Morgan Halperin


District Attorney Cliff Newell's and Sheriff Keith Royal's position 
on legalization flies in the face of history, and appears based on 
loose unsubstantiated theory that promotes fear as the weapon of 
pubic propaganda.

Both men are well respected professionals, doing their difficult jobs 
with excellence, but as they are running "unopposed" and asserting 
personal political views on laws not yet passed, I feel it's fair 
game to comment.

If the repeal of the National Prohibition Act in December 1933 
reflects anything, it proved that the reduction from violence of the 
"black market" was the actual social impact. Prohibition created a 
black market that competed with the formal economy, which already was 
under pressure.

Roosevelt promised improvement to the economy that was only possible 
if the formal economy competed successfully against various economic 
forces, including the effects of prohibition's black market. Passing 
this legalization of marijuana law removes the profit motive behind 
the few but sensationalized acts of random violence we have seen in 
Nevada County. Should we close the banks because robbers occasionally 
select them as a target? Maybe those opposed to pot 
legalization/regulation should consider the impact of cigarettes, 
alcohol, sugar and coffee abuse?

Everything in moderation? Which promote more violence (as to both 
mind/body/spirit and society)?

Morgan Halperin, Attorney

Nevada City
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