Pubdate: Fri, 30 Apr 2010
Source: Reporter, The (Vacaville, CA)
Copyright: 2010 The Reporter
Author: Vicki Anders


I am really confused. I normally don't comment but I couldn't avoid 
this one. A couple days ago, there was an article about the guy who 
got out of prison early and raped a girl.

Then there was the story about how gangs are becoming prevalant in 
Vacaville and members will not hesitate to approach someone who is 
not a gang member but just likes to dress with baggie pants.

Then I read about pot, medicinal marijuana, and how we need to keep 
that "poison" out of Vacaville. The article went on and on about how 
the city needs to get another extension to figure out how to keep 
this poison out. Well, let me tell you, marijuana is not poison. 
Alcohol is poison. Gang members are poison. Rapists are poison.

Let me also say the marijuana article mentioned how more police would 
have to be attained to keep this poison out of our town. Well, how 
come more money would be allowed for medicinal marijuana, yet not 
used for gangs or tracking rapists and parolees? That is poison. 
Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. Just think of the tax money 
the city would make if marijuana was sold legally?

It seems police too much time and money fighting marijuana. The only 
answer I can come up with is it is easier to do that than to track 
and maintain our city from gangs, thieves and rapists. More police 
should be used for the more serious crimes.

Alcohol is poison. And that is legal. Alcohol does more damage to the 
body than medicinal marijuana.

People with cancer, pain and other medical issues find medicinal 
marijuana helps them more than addictive prescription narcotics. With 
prescription narcotics, you have to keep taking more and more. Not so 
with medicinal marijuana.

I'm interested in what others think of this.

Vicki Anders

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