Pubdate: Wed, 12 May 2010
Source: Guelph Mercury (CN ON)
Copyright: 2010 Guelph Mercury Newspapers Limited
Author: Alison Myrden


Speaking as a friend of Rade Kovecevic's, as a retired law enforcement
officer and as one of Canada's first federally-licensed cannabis
patients, I am shocked and saddened as to why the Guelph police
service is bothering the people of the local marijuana compassion club
who go out of their way to help people like me feel better.

Can the police not see the good that these clubs do for society? Not
only do the police have better things to do with their time and
resources than to arrest and incarcerate those who are able to help
those of us who are ill, but their time would be better spent on
crimes that involve violence, abuse and real criminals. The Canadian
government sure doesn't care what position our critically and
chronically ill are placed in. That is obvious.

It is high time police stop arresting and incarcerating the only
people who actually care how we feel.

Alison Myrden,

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