Pubdate: Thu, 20 May 2010
Source: Dallas Morning News (TX)
Copyright: 2010 The Dallas Morning News, Inc.
Author: Howard Wooldridge


Re: "No end in sight in Mexico cartel war -- Turf battle in Juarez 
may take years to play out, authorities say," Monday news story.

During my 18 years as a police officer, I saw drugs become cheaper,
stronger and readily available to our youth. My profession went from
"protect and serve" to "search and arrest" those who chose marijuana
instead of alcohol. Public safety took a back seat to making a drug
arrest on all the Willie Nelsons of the world.

This sobering report on the agony of Mexico should wake up those
citizens who cling to the idea that this modern prohibition will one
day become effective. Prohibition has failed, again. Solution? Same as
1933 -- repeal and then legalize, regulate, tax.

Howard Wooldridge, Dallas
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