Pubdate: Thu, 20 May 2010
Source: Chicago Tribune (IL)
Copyright: 2010 Chicago Tribune Company
Author: Stephen Young


This is in response to "Pot of gold or a pipe dream? Little evidence
for claims of pot's medicinal value" (News, May 5).

The story, about the alleged lack of solid research on medical
cannabis, overlooked some key research. It also glossed over the root
cause of the problem: Anti-cannabis laws make it nearly impossible to
conduct research in the U.S.

There's a catch-22 for patients: You need research, but research can't
be done legally. Instead of pressing the institutions that created the
catch-22 as to why it exists and when it will end, the Tribune allowed
opponents of medical cannabis to use the catch-22 as support for the
status quo. At the same time, the story saddled the victims of the
catch-22 with the responsibility to overcome it.

Shame on you, Tribune.

Stephen Young, Schaumburg
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