Pubdate: Wed, 26 May 2010
Source: Daily Chronicle (DeKalb, IL)
Copyright: 2010 Daily Chronicle
Author: Dan Linn


I agree with the letter, "Vets deserve more support," and after
helping a local veteran lobby state Rep. Robert Pritchard to vote yes
on Senate Bill 1381, the medical cannabis legislation, I hope
Pritchard will support veterans, too.

The local veteran has multiple sclerosis and currently takes 33 pills
a day, and I assisted him and his wife navigate the political logjam
that seems so prevalent in Springfield. We congratulated Rep.
Pritchard on getting an award from the Greater MS Society of Chicago
but continue to hope that he will help pass SB 1381, which would
greatly assist the veteran and his family.

Medical cannabis can help those who do not get the needed relief from
pharmaceutical drugs, and the legislation being forwarded in
Springfield has been written to avoid potential abuses. This
legislation would not legalize cannabis for everyone and those caught
abusing the law would be subject to increased penalties and removed
from the program.

All in all, medical cannabis is not for every patient, but if you or a
family member were ill, wouldn't you want every option available for
you and your doctor?

I hope Illinois joins the 14 other compassionate states and allows
doctors to recommend cannabis for specific conditions.

Dan Linn

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