Pubdate: Thu, 20 May 2010
Source: Hamilton Mountain News (CN ON)
Copyright: 2010 Brabant Newspapers
Author: Brett Ryan Book


On May 10, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson signed an order of 
extradition sending Marc Emery to a federal institution in the United 
States of America.

His crime was selling one of Earth's most basic forms of sustenance, 
growth and life -seeds. Marijuana seeds.

When Health Canada first began giving out licences to medicinal 
users, they recommended to MPs and licensed users that new growers 
should purchase seeds online from Canadian sellers like Marc Emery 
(Marc Emery Direct Seeds). NDP Health Critic Svend Robinson can 
testify to that fact.

Marc Emery has never been arrested or convicted of manufacturing or 
distributing marijuana in Canada, as his business was seeds. All 
arguments aside, this man has been a peaceful activist for 30 years. 
He gave away his seed company profits to drug law reform lobbyists, 
global marches and rallies, political parties, litigation and a host 
of other organizations dedicated to promoting drug law reform.

He has never entered the United States of America as a seed seller. 
The arrest and subsequent extradition are based on political motives 
(Mr. Emery's drug legalization efforts) as proven in a press release 
by Drug Enforcement Agency administrator Karen Tandy.

Our sovereignty was violated when undercover DEA agents infiltrated 
our country and it was again violated on Monday by our own Justice 
Minister who signed the order of extradition. Shame on you, Rob 
Nicholson, and shame on the Conservative Party of Canada. A refusal 
of extradition would have sent a clear message to the DEA and the 
United States of America that we are a sovereign nation not under the 
control of the U. S. and subsequently not subject to their drug war.

All we ask now is that if Marc applies for a transfer it will be 
approved by Safety Minister Vic Toews. For the sovereignty of Canada, 
America must Free Marc Emery.

Brett Ryan Book, Hamilton
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