Pubdate: Thu, 10 Jun 2010
Source: Kingman Daily Miner (AZ)
Copyright: 2010 Kingman Daily Miner
Author: Jay Fleming


Medical marijuana will be on the November ballot ...

In 1996, Arizona was the first state to approve medical  marijuana,
but the Arizona Legislature passed  legislation overturning most of
the initiative.

Then in 1998, Arizona voters approved an initiative  making it more
difficult for legislators to tamper with  voter-approved initiatives
in the future.

It's time for Arizona to stop arresting people with  serious medical
conditions for using marijuana.

Some people argue it's not medicine. It is. I know  because it's the
only thing I've found that relieves  the nerve pain I have in my legs
and feet. I suffer  from chronic pain; morphine works on some of my
pain,  but not the shooting electrical nerve pain.

I can't think of anything worse than suffering from a  debilitating
chronic condition and being arrested for  using the only thing that

All one need do is look at the TV commercials, one  group, drug
companies, trying to get you to buy their  prescription drugs, and the
other group, the attorneys  suing the drug companies for injuries and
deaths caused  by FDA-approved drugs.

Marijuana has been tested for 5,000 years, and no  deaths

Please, keep an open mind as we debate this subject  prior to the

Jay Fleming

Mohave Valley

EDITOR's NOTE: Jay Fleming claims to be a former  narcotics
investigator and speaker for Law Enforcement  Against Prohibition at Check out his new  blog at 
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