Pubdate: Thu, 10 Jun 2010
Source: Grand River Sachem (CN ON)
Copyright: 2010 Metroland Media Group Ltd.
Author: Brett Ryan Book


I'm writing to voice my displeasure with Stephen Harper's Conservative

The recent extradition of activist Marc Emery to the United States of
America is a complete travesty to our sovereignty and a chilling
warning of the future to come.

What kind of government sends a peaceful man to a foreign prison for a
crime that we here neglect to punish him with?

The crime in question is selling marijuana seeds online, a thriving
business that Marc Emery used to help support legalization efforts
worldwide, and a business that Mr. Emery had legally claimed with
Revenue Canada.

Despite what recent media reports would have you believe, Marc Emery
did NOT keep his millions of dollars.

The profits from Marc Emery Direct Seeds were used to fund political
organizations, rallies and marches, medicinal clinics, and even aid in
legal costs.

Knowing this, it is clear to see the investigation and subsequent
arrest of Mr. Emery were of an extremely political nature-evidence of
this found in former DEA Administrator Karen Tandy's press release
which heralded the arrest at curbing financial support for

The fact that this entire case is political is very troubling, as it
doesn't take an overly intelligent individual to realize that Marc
Emery is a political prisoner.

How could the Harper Conservatives allow such a questionable
extradition to take place and why do they refuse to answer questions
about the extradition?

Perhaps your frequent Conservative Party contributor (Honorable MP
Dean Allison) could shed a little light as to why his Party felt it
necessary to aid and abet in the political persecution of a Canadian

Brett Ryan Book,

Mount Hope 
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