Pubdate: Sat, 26 Jun 2010
Source: Lethbridge Herald (CN AB)
Copyright: 2010 The Lethbridge Herald
Author: Russell Barth


Re: Tolerance of viewpoints goes both ways (June 20 Herald)

If a child insists on the existence of the Easter Bunny, we let it go.
But when an adult insists that Santa is real, we medicate them for
mental illness. This illustrates the point that only informed and sane
"opinions" are worthy of adult consideration.

For example, Geoffrey Capp says: "There is documented medical evidence
that marijuana is harmful, particularly to the brain and body of
developing children and adolescents." No there isn't. This has been
soundly and repeatedly debunked by more recent science, and recent
science shows how cannabis stimulates tissue production in certain
parts of the brain. That is fact, not opinion.

But prohibitionists only consider the science that supports their
assertions. Legalization advocates don't have the luxury of cherry
picking data or outright lying, like the prohibs do, because we face
much deeper scrutiny.

Capp says: "Legalizing marijuana would only serve to make it more
accessible." Good. Marijuana has dozens of proven medical
applications, including the prevention of cancer:

Even when smoked, the medical benefits of marijuana use far outweigh
any dangers, and the science supports this.

"We already have trouble keeping cigarettes and alcohol away from
under-age people." Right. And we would have even more if we
criminalized them. No drug was ever made less available by
prohibition. To suggest otherwise is folly.

Furthermore, all the science and history shows that prohibition is
actually causing the problems it originally set out to stop.

Capp proves one thing: Not all opinions are valid. Why should anyone
be tolerant of misinformed, ill-informed, ideological and
poorly-thought-out "opinions"? Only informed opinions are valid and
Capp is very far from informed.

Russell Barth Federally licensed medical marijuana user Drug reform
analyst and consultant, Educators for Sensible Drug Policy Nepean,
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