Pubdate: Tue, 13 Jul 2010
Source: Missoulian (MT)
Copyright: 2010 L.J. LaBelle
Author: L.J. LaBelle


The Missoulian's Territory column (July 4) by Joyce Chicoine on pot
was terrible. Her extremely one-sided opinion assumes all connection
with the plant is negative. She seems to think she knows more than
thousands of years of marijuana use for pain. Her awful
finger-pointing is calling all who use the plant criminals and liars.

Most adults who use the plant have no interest in wrong behavior. Her
very wrong assumptions are hurtful to us who are thankful the plant
can help. It can relieve stomach pain, some headaches, after-surgery
pain, some stress, eating and sleeping troubles, epilepsy seizure
relief and muscle ache. The millions and millions of Americans
punished for doing nothing but using marijuana has been awful. Because
only 1 percent of marijuana users create some kind of trouble,
Chicoine wants to punish the other 99 percent for doing nothing.

Comparing marijuana to alcohol is very dumb. Alcohol has killed more
than all wars put together, caused more rapes, crimes and abuse. It's
the weapon of no equal. Adults should not need anyone's permission to
use marijuana. Its use does not mean its abuse.

L.J. LaBelle, Noxon
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