Pubdate: Thu, 22 Jul 2010
Source: Reno News & Review (NV)
Copyright: 2010 Craig Bergland
Author: Craig Bergland


Re "Drug tests" (Feature story, July 8):

Drugs have been around far longer than governments and will continue
to be long beyond them.

Some do drugs to escape, party, get laid or have other juicy

Some do it to push the limits of consciousness or to try to find
meaning and art.

Some abuse them, and that's bad.

I think if you're an adult, you should be able to explore the limits
of your own world/mind without hindrance--not because some silly
second-hander says, "No, that's scary," or someone else wants to pass
a law to "protect" you from yourself.

I am disappointed you maligned Salvia divinorum, particularly since
you didn't hazard to explore it.

Rule No. 1. We don't talk about S. D.

Rule No. 2. We don't talk about S. D.

And now that the word is out, it'll inevitably be made illegal in next
year's legislative session. Thanks a lot, butthead.

I think while fun, your article was journalistically incomplete and
not of your usual "high" standard.

It's kind of like writing authoritatively about the Cheney Oil Spill,
without having been there.

And no, kids, you shouldn't do drugs, anyway, anytime,

Craig Bergland

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