Pubdate: Thu, 22 Jul 2010
Source: Contra Costa Times (CA)
Copyright: 2010 D.A. Gonsalves
Author: D.A. Gonsalves


I am writing in response to a letter titled "Marijuana dangers." R.G.
Dierdorff wrote an intelligent and informative letter that I agree
with. It sounds like back in his pothead days you were a real heavy
dude. I am a recovering drug addict and believe what he was saying is
the truth. I have a question: What about the person who comes home and
treats pot like a good cigar or a fine brandy?

I believe the marijuana initiative should be put on the ballot, but it
should be structured in a way that the burden of responsibility falls
on the shoulders of the user.

If the legalization of pot should be a failure, we the people, could
use the Volstead Act in reverse. Drug testing is a joke; you take
marijuana off the list then you could concentrate on the white powder
drugs that are out on the job sites. People who make real big money
selling pot do not want marijuana legalized.

Making marijuana legal could ease some of the problems associated with
the Mexican border towns. The taxes could then be used to hopefully
make our medical benefits cheaper.

D.A. Gonsalves

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