Pubdate: Thu, 29 Jul 2010
Source: Pique Newsmagazine (CN BC)
Copyright: 2010 Tobias c. van Veen
Author: Tobias c. van Veen


In response to MP John Weston's July 26 press release: "West Van MP
John Weston's bill to make buying legal products for illegal drug
production a criminal offence is headed to the Senate. Last week, the
House of Commons passed third and final reading of Bill C-475 - a bill
Weston stated deals with the growing problem of crystal meth and ecstasy."

Dear John, thanks for once again furthering criminalization rather
than working toward harm reduction. It's always easier to simply throw
more people in jail - especially the disenfranchised - rather than
working toward the admittedly more challenging goal of decriminalizing
what is otherwise a health issue.

Indeed, thanks again for supporting the jailing industry and more
invasive means of surveillance of consumer purchases rather than
wasting your time imagining a world where treatment and
open-mindedness concerning substance use and abuse would be the norm
rather than the freak exception.

And thanks again for supporting the removal of the long census form -
I mean who wants that privacy intrusion when the New Government of
Canada is otherwise monitoring your mundane drug-apparatus purchases

And of course, last but not least, thanks for ignoring the work of
scientists at the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies
(MAPS/ ), that association of leftist idiots who
recently convinced the DEA and relevant American scientific
associations that organized therapeutic use of MDMA (ecstasy) as well
as LSD could once again begin in a proper setting. Who needs progress
when we can just lock the long-hairs and ex-ravers up, eh? HOORAH!

Tobias c. van Veen

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