Pubdate: Fri, 30 Jul 2010
Source: Daily Gleaner (CN NK)
Copyright: 2010 Bruce Codere
Author: Bruce Codere


Re: Drug case in Woodstock

Your readers may wish to note that cannabis, contrary to the story of
July 27 by Bryan Tait, is anything but a narcotic.

This misinformation clouds the perception of Earth's most versatile
and useful plant. No other medicine approaches its capacity to
maintain or restore health.

The pharmaceutical industry (a direct extension of the petro-chemical
industry) manufactures poisons by which to treat symptoms while
failing to treat root causes. It's impossible to cure disease with
poisons. We have been deceived, and I applaud anyone standing up
against this horror.

The number of people trapped by this modern-day inquisition boggles
the mind, and it has no place in civilized society.

Bruce Codere

Fox Creek, Alta. 
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