Pubdate: Sun, 01 Aug 2010
Source: Morning Sentinel (Waterville, ME)
Copyright: 2010 Alan E. Williams
Author: Alan E. Williams


I cannot believe all of the uproar surrounding the medical marijuana
issue. There is a very quick and simple solution: Legalize marijuana!

Marijuana growing, processing and selling are driven by one thing, and
one thing only: profit. Legalizing marijuana would eliminate the
profit, which, in turn, would eliminate the incentive to grow it.

An added benefit would be the fact that law enforcement agencies would
have more time to spend fighting real crime.

I know that this letter will elicit responses from many folks opposed
to my idea.

Those responses will be borne of fear, misunderstanding and ignorance.
To those folks, I will say, "Don't bother," I have heard it all many,
many times over, and nothing you can say will have any factual basis.

And, for your information,I neither condone nor encourage the use of
marijuana (or any other illegal drug). I smoked my last joint on Nov.
26, 1975, at a Bob Dylan concert in the Augusta Civic Center, and I
have used no illegal drugs since that night.

Alan E. Williams

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