Pubdate: Thu, 05 Aug 2010
Source: Nanaimo Daily News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2010 Josephine Staddon
Author: Josephine Staddon


Having always been a social activist, a placard-carrying protester, I
make every attempt to research the pros and cons of controversial events.

Right now it is the struggle to do the 'right thing' for illegal drug
users. Why are we attempting to legitimize illegal drug use?

First of all, marijuana is not a harmful drug. I have yet to hear of
anyone dying from its effects. If so, then why not places to go to and
have a doobie? Why can't people grow a couple of plants for their own

This would, of course, result in a loss of jobs for hundreds of people
involved in the pursuit of pot criminals.

What about the so-called hard drugs -- which can and do kill. Do we
include tobacco and alcohol in this category?

No, these are sanctioned by the government. Our taxes would rise
dramatically if these products were banned.

People have been using all kinds of substances since time immemorial
in order to 'improve their outlook on life.'

The overwhelming majority of people have no use for drugs. They have
ways of enjoying life to the fullest without resorting to them.

While it is legal for government to reap the benefits of some
addictions (gambling, tobacco and alcohol) millions are spent on
providing programs to counter addiction. As well as the endless task
of the war against drugs.

Change the drug laws. Legitimize the use of drugs whatever they

Make rehab available for those who want it. This would be harm

Liberalizing drug laws would be compassionate and realistic.

If harm reduction and rehabilitation are the goals, then let's abandon
the war on drugs and initiate a war for people; a fight for the
dignity and self respect for our more vulnerable citizens.

Josephine Staddon

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