Pubdate: Sat, 7 Aug 2010
Source: Union, The (Grass Valley, CA)
Copyright: 2010 Andrea Heyser
Author: Andrea Heyser


While many of us are unhappy with the war on drugs, still we are
hesitant to legalize marijuana and other drugs. This war seems to be
useless and very expensive.

Many are afraid to legalize drugs because of driving accidents, but we
have to remember that many people who use drugs legally can have
accidents, also.

How about if we require a drug permit to take any form of drugs and
that to get this permit we must get our automobile modified so it
would not start without a dexterity test. The cost of this permit
would be the proper amount of money to cover the damages done by
drugs. No drug store or liquor store or bar would sell any substance
that can cause driving problems without the license.

I assume that street sales would still continue but why would anyone
take a chance on buying perhaps unsafe drugs when they could be
purchased legally elsewhere.

If someone is caught driving intoxicated with any substance that
reduces the ability to drive while drugged the car would be

Wouldn't this reduce drug damage, while at the same time reducing the
costs of the war on drugs.

Andrea Heyser

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