Pubdate: Sun, 29 Aug 2010
Source: Gazette, The (Colorado Springs, CO)
Copyright: 2010 Lana Richardson
Author: Lana Richardson


El Paso County Commissioners have been whining about the crushing
decline in sales tax revenues while trying to scare voters into tax
increases, but when a legal business comes along with potential to
contribute mightily to the county coffers, they seek to ban it.

Medical marijuana businesses are not only easing the pain and
suffering of El Paso County residents with a variety of physical
maladies, but they could provide relief for our county's budget. There
are thousands of patients holding cards (from their doctors) in our
county, and these dispensaries will earn millions of dollars that will
be taxed.

Voters need to start paying attention. On our ballots in November
there will probably be a measure to increase our sales or property
taxes right next to the question of whether or not to ban medical
marijuana stores. I'm hoping the residents are not that stupid.

Lana Richardson

Colorado Springs 
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