Pubdate: Tue, 31 Aug 2010
Source: Stephenville Empire-Tribune (TX)
Copyright: 2010 Stephenville Empire-Tribune
Author: Colleen McCool
Note: Title by newshawk


The debate over medical marijuana or cannabis is really a scandalous
controversy over whether this very easy-to-grow herb should be allowed
to compete with pharmaceuticals for pennies on the dollar.

Harassing the sick and dying is an un-American activity! It is
overkill and morally bankrupt to arrest nonviolent people for making a
safer health choice, cannabis or marijuana, compared to other
medicinal/social drugs. The people believe in self-government and

Asthmatic medical marijuana patient Chris Diaz faces up to life in
prison for a half ounce of marijuana and three grams of hash in Brown
County. Quadraplegic medical marijuana patient Chris Cain faces
similar charges in Beaumont. "You've got to be kidding me. You don't
give drug addicts life in prison, so why would you do that to a
patient with a legitimate recommendation from another state?" said
Stephen Betzen, director of the Texas Coalition for Compassionate
Care, which is lobbying for a medical marijuana bill next year in the
state legislature.

"It's critical that we develop a federal medical marijuana law so that
people are not treated differently in Texas than in California, and
patients who need this medicine in Texas should be allowed to use it
without fear of arrest and prosecution. Americans for Safe Access is
committed not only to encouraging states to pass medical marijuana
laws irrespective of federal policy, but also to push the federal
government to develop a policy that will treat patients equitably no
matter where in the US they live." said Kris Hermes, spokesman for

We are rebels with just cause, when we exercise our right to nullify
bad laws like those brave jurors who refused to convict during the
Fugitive Slave Act and until FDR said the Volstead Act was licked!
Jury nullification is a constitutional power tool we the people pack.

Tim Stevens, 53, who uses medical marijuana to treat the symptoms of
HIV won acquittal on marijuana possession charges in 2008 in Amarillo
based on a "necessity defense." - which requires the defendant to
establish that an otherwise illegal act was necessary to avoid
imminent harm more serious than the harm prevented by the law he or
she broke - rarely been successful in Texas but the jury took just 11
minutes to acquit.

The Constitution doesn't authorize Congress to subsidize industries or
grant special favors for particular businesses. Many Legislators are
outright servants of tyranny; good at ignoring the rule of law,
history and science while catering to the needs of special interests
but very bad at determining what is best or safer for the individual
or society.

I am afraid, murderers and other violent predators roam free, while we
police nonviolent adult social, medicinal and religious drug use.
Regulation, science based education and treating abuse as a medical
problem is a better drug policy that increases public safety and harm
reduction plus frees up billions in wasted funds to use incarcerating
the violent and sexual predators.

Prohibition supports despicable people who sell drugs to children,
recruit them to sell to their peers and arm them to kill the
competition. Across America paramilitary drug raids trigger violence
rather than lessen the risk. Again, overkill, to use such force on a
nonviolent health issue.

All this unconscionable bloodshed is on the hands of leadership as
much as those who pulled the trigger or did the actual butchering and
torturing. It is a policy created problem! We are all caught betwixt
and between in this scandalous reefer madness war on some drugs.

Now is the time to insist American warriors get their adrenaline rush
catching murderers and other violent predators. I understand that it
will not be possible to stop all murders and rapes. However, get tough
on violent crime! Restore Justice, the guardian of liberty!

The first step to going after the cartel's money (estimated at 70% of
it) is to legalize marijuana sales globally. We have the factual
information available. Let's construct science based drug policies
about saving and rehabilitating instead of ruining lives. Drug
treatment is at least five times less costly than prison. Change to
ethical policy and show fiscal responsibility!

Use of illegal drugs has increased significantly during the drug war,
use of tobacco has decreased due to truth in education and
infomercials about this killer. True science based drug education
allows everyone to make better health decisions. Support for the
federal war on drugs is inconsistent with support for individual
freedom, constitutional government and the teachings of Jesus, the
Prince of Peace.

Your Friend in Liberty,

Colleen McCool

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