Pubdate: Tue, 05 Oct 2010
Source: San Diego Union Tribune (CA)
Copyright: 2010 Devin Shoecraft
Author: Devin Shoecraft


Tired scare tactics are nothing new in the war on drugs, but District
Attorney Bonnie Dumanis' gross misrepresentation of the scope of
Proposition 19 hits a new low ("The promise is not the reality,"
Dialog, Oct. 3). To be clear, under the new law it will remain illegal
to drive while impaired and it will remain illegal to smoke in public
just as it is illegal to drive drunk and drink in public. Persons
attempting to run commercial growing operations in residential areas
will be subject to the same regulations as any other business
including at-home "moonshiners." Drug dealers will be replaced by
respectable, licensed businesses having an incentive to check IDs and
avoid associating with cartels, as is presently the case with liquor

The only loser here is our district attorney, who will no longer be
able to kick down doors, seize assets and terrorize otherwise-law
abiding San Diegans.

Dumanis' raising the specter of the "stoned bus driver"  a fantasy
lifted directly from "The Simpsons"  reeks of desperation.

Devin Shoecraft

San Diego
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