Pubdate: Wed, 06 Oct 2010
Source: San Diego City Beat (CA)
Copyright: 2010 San Diego City Beat
Author: John Kitchin


Thanks for an excellent editorial on the PIO (paranoia-induced
overkill) mental illness problem currently plaguing local government
[Sept. 22]. I propose that PIO-Joes be called exactly that, after the
Spanish word "piojos" (fleas). Anybody got a good insect repellent?

As for medicinal pot, the latest studies confirm that most
child-molesting, anarchist, gunhappy dope fiends hang out near traffic

So, we need to prohibit dope sales and other sources of child
prostitution within 1,500 feet of any traffic signal, to prevent these
sadistic criminals from raping our children. And, it is now time to
buy real estate for marijuana distribution at the closest legal spot
to sell it: The planet Mars. Anybody got that telephone Area Code
handy? Hold on! The city Department of Paranoia and Real Estate
Development just said that it wouldn't mind dispensaries closer than
that. Antarctica-is that a street or a neighborhood? Maybe we can have
the homeless reservation there, too. They do lock them into their
cells at night, don't they?

John Kitchin, Homeless
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