Pubdate: Sun, 17 Oct 2010
Source: Jackson Citizen Patriot (MI)
Copyright: 2010 David Light
Author: David Light


Thank you for the most welcomed, level-headed Oct. 10 editorial 
concerning the medical use of marijuana in Michigan.

It's vitally important to note that since passage of the Michigan 
Medical Marijuana Act, it isn't the residents crying out for change. 
Rather, it is law enforcement leaders, taking their well-publicized 
cue from the Drug Enforcement Agency, Michigan Municipal League 
insiders and others within in the bureaucracy with a vested interest 
in maintaining the status quo concerning any drug prohibition.

Even Bill Schuette, Republican candidate for attorney general, has 
made it the platform for his candidacy, when so many other truly 
important issues should take precedence.

As the editorial indicated, an overwhelming majority of voters made 
their wishes abundantly clear. Yet what has transpired since this law 
took effect has been mostly about a disconnect with the will of the 
people, and a fear for the impending loss of revenue related to the 
war on marijuana that so many in the political/governmental hierarchy 
have come to rely on.

A vast empire has been built upon marijuana prohibition, and there 
are those who will fight to the bitter end to maintain access to this 
most lucrative windfall that no one seems to be accountable for. Each 
year in this state alone, millions of dollars are handed out to the 
drug prohibitionists under a cloak of darkness. Transparency is non-existent.

While every other public service suffers from a severe lack of 
funding, the drug war crowd has taken comfort in knowing that their 
bread is well-buttered. That's the crux of this supposed controversy.

David Light

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