Pubdate: Sun, 14 Nov 2010
Source: San Gabriel Valley Tribune (CA)
Copyright: 2010 San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Author: William Perron


Was it fear of federal government intervention that could have doomed
Prop. 19? Well it wasn't, it was ignorance, fear mongering, half
truths and lies. Your newspaper was fond of quoting Covina police
chief Kim Raney as the resident expert on cannabis. Did he ever plant
and harvest cannabis? Washington, Jefferson and Adams did. Has Raney
ever used cannabis to weave a cloth from its fibers? Betsy Ross did
when she made the first American flag.

Has Raney ever considered how great a fuel cannabis is? An acre of
cannabis will produce four times the ethanol as an acre of corn. If we
planted cannabis along the San Gabriel River in only six months time
there would be enough ethanol to fuel all the cities vehicles along
that river.

Raney says there should be a national debate on cannabis. I agree.
Americans need to know the truth about why cannabis is illegal. I
would like to debate Raney on cannabis and its thousands of uses. I
believe to make it interesting we each put up a thousand dollars,
winner take all. I'm ready any time the cop in Covina is.

William Perron

El Monte
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