Pubdate: Tue, 16 Nov 2010
Source: Boston Herald (MA)
Copyright: 2010 Al DiLascia
Author: Al DiLascia


Many have sadly witnessed relatives and friends who used marijuana and 
other "harmless recreational drugs" and later experienced serious medical 
difficulties, even death ("Dangers of abuse sobering," Nov. 2). Long-term 
effects of these drugs are not known, but you can logically conclude that 
they won't be positive.

It is not politically correct today to say that marijuana is harmful. The 
sad reality is, however, it is more harmful than smoking tobacco. Yet many 
states - Massachusetts, California and others - are looking to make 
marijuana more legal and accessible. This is very hypocritical, as well as 
being illogical.

Al DiLascia, Chicopee 
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