Pubdate: Wed, 16 Feb 2011
Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle (MT)
Copyright: 2011 Danna Goldhaber
Author: Danna Goldhaber


An open appeal to the members of the Montana House of Representatives:

Please vote No on HB 161. Montana's medical cannabis law needs to be
reformed, not repealed. The only thing worse than repeal would be to
do nothing.

There are currently more than 27,000 Montanans registered with the
Department of Public Health and Human Services. Repealing Initiative
148 would make their actions, and the actions of the more than 4,800
caregivers, criminal. Is the judicial system in the state prepared to
process all of those people? Is law enforcement prepared and
appropriately staffed to handle that many people? How much will that
cost the taxpayers of Montana?

Solutions for Montana, in conjunction with the Montana Medical Growers
Association, has created the 2011 Legislators' Guide to Medical
Cannabis, A Guide to Medical Cannabis in the state of Montana. The
guide, delivered to legislators on Jan. 14, contains recommendations
and solutions to the major issues surrounding the current Montana
Medical Marijuana Act and was designed to serve as an informative
resource for the Legislature when considering its reform.

The fact is, medical cannabis is greatly improving the quality of life
and productivity of patients suffering a wide variety of medical
conditions. The actions of a select few have cast a shadow on the
legal and ethical behavior of the majority of patients and caregivers
in the state. Repeal is not the answer. Reform, done in cooperation
with law enforcement officials and the responsible caregivers of
Montana, can serve to find a solution that is beneficial to all.

The compassionate medical cannabis legislation currently on the books
embodies core Montana values.

Please don't take away precious patient freedoms. Thank you for your

Danna Goldhaber

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