Pubdate: Fri, 18 Feb 2011
Source: Penticton Western (CN BC)
Copyright: 2011 Patrick MacDonald
Author: Patrick MacDonald


I am pleased to hear that the attempt to misuse recall legislation to
voice displeasure at MLA votes has failed. This proves that Canadians
are fair-minded as well as astute.

Perhaps now we can hear from a party that will consider: supporting
the HST (the alternatives will hurt far more than this VAT); scrapping
the .05 BAC fees (these are really fines/penalties disguised as fees).
If bar sales have dropped 30-50 per cent because of the .05 BAC
application, think of all the taxes not being collected because of
these sales reductions.

Legalizing marijuana: This is not a winnable criminal cause. If
legalization was enacted, police forces could be redeployed for
serious requirements, a new industry could be licensed and taxed (in
any case, nothing is going to prevent a smoker from getting a supply)
and the effect on criminals and cartels would be great. Murder,
smuggling, extortion, torture, blackmail and border wars would all be
significantly reduced.

Legalizing solicitation: Prostitution is legal and is never going to
stop, yet solicitation is illegal? Laws do nothing to protect the
"working ladies". Instead we make them stand out in the cold, on dark
corners, where they are abused or killed by both pimps and johns.
Legalization will at least get rid of the pimps and violence. Allow
these citizens to advertise and run their "bawdy houses" in a safe
environment, with proper protection. Tax their activities just as they
do in European countries, with established "red light" districts
outside family communities and city centres. Vice squads would be
greatly reduced and, again, police forces could perform more useful

It is time we stopped concerning ourselves with being politically
correct and applied logic to solutions, rather than letting religious
or other emotional issues cloud our judgment. Current government
policies are doing little to solve our problems and huge amounts of
taxpayer dollars are being spent, both directly and indirectly, with
very little results. Sometimes one must open one's mind to whether we
innovate or carry on down the same old road - blinders and all.

Patrick MacDonald

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