Pubdate: Wed, 23 Feb 2011
Source: Maui News, The (HI)
Copyright: 2011 The Maui News
Author: Brian J. Murphy


I saw a Maui police officer at Walmart handing out pamphlets and 
asking people to speak out against certain medical marijuana bills 
currently under consideration.

This Maui County employee, using a Maui Police Department cruiser, 
wearing a gun under color of authority, was handing out pamphlets 
funded by federal block grants and nonprofits. They included a 
message from Chief Gary Yabuta claiming that marijuana is not 
medicine despite state law and medical reports recognizing that 
marijuana is a legitimate medicine.

Are Maui police officers allowed to use county or federal funds to 
spread misinformation to their financial advantage? Do we want to 
allow our Police Department to intimidate us into creating a police state?

If you have ever complained to a police officer about a law, you 
almost certainly heard the cliche that the police do not make the 
laws, they only enforce them. What do we do now that they are trying 
to influence bills that protect and serve only the police?

What is the real story here? Is it all about MPD trying to protect 
its funding at the expense of Maui's medical community? Or is it 
about the millions of dollars in tax revenues that could save our 
schools and rescue our crippled economy?

We live in an ideal climate for cannabis cultivation, and that has 
given us this opportunity to create a model of both compassionate 
care and financial sustainability.

Brian J. Murphy

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