Pubdate: Thu, 24 Feb 2011
Source: Prince George Citizen (CN BC)
Copyright: 2011 Prince George Citizen
Author: Kelsey Fefchak


I was quite shocked to read the article in the February 21 paper that 
headlined "Council wants to choke off medicinal marijuana."

As I read on through the article I started to feel sick about the 
fact that city council is willing to put in so much effort in finding 
out where medicinal marijuana is grown and how to prevent this from 
happening within city limits.

Council men and woman, have you taken a walk through our downtown 
lately? Do you see many cancer patients walking around trying to 
purchase marijuana from street dealers?

I'm not sure which city you live in, but in Prince George, the last 
concern of council should be to provide some relief to our local 
cancer patients by allowing them to purchase marijuana for medicinal 
purposes if they so choose to.

As a resident, I would feel more comfortable knowing that Mr. Doe 
down the street grows 25 plants of pot for the government of Canada 
instead of cooking crack and having the addicts in and out of my 
neighbourhood continuously.

You can't walk through any neighbourhood in this city and not see any 
effects of crack cocaine, crystal meth or heroine.

City council, put your efforts and dollars where they're really 
needed, don't waste your time and our money on authorized and petty 
operations like medicinal marijuana.

Kelsey Fefchak

Prince George
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